Price List for Micheall A. Reed Design

Please Note - Prices may vary depending on complexity of the web site
Please use these prices as a guide call for an exact quote.

New Web Site Design

To re-design or create an initial design of an HTML site, prices start at $1,700.00 the actual costs depends on the complexity of the design desired.  This includes building a complete site, including domain name registration, site design, custom graphics, digital high resolution photography, (available within a limited area), email administration, and unlimited page construction. This takes approximately two business weeks to complete.

NOTE: Monthly web mastering is not included with web design packages unless otherwise stated by contract. 

To redesign an existing site $1,500.00 to $2500.00, depending on site complexit, call for exact pricing information.

Webmaster Charges

After design and site start up, several web mastering services are available, (monthly web mastering is not included with web design packages): $150.00 per month fee for unlimited updates, (an update is any change in information on a single page)  and new page construction as needed for sites with more than five pages, with updating within 48-72 business hours. For five pages or less a $50.00 per month fee for unlimited updates, a fee of $125.00 is charged for new page construction.


Webmaster for an government/village or township site with unlimited committee, council, trustee, mayor, police, EMS, and maintenance departments, zoning, calendar, events, and contact pages with daily, weekly and or monthly updates, (an update is any change in information on a single page) starts at $350.00 per month with unlimited new page construction included. the charge may be higher depending on the number of updates.  Other prices may apply for specialized business or industrial web sites containing databases or using coding other than HTML, please call for pricing.

Non-Contract Services

There is a charge $125.00 per page for new page construction. Basic HTML page updates, (an update is any change in information on a single page) prices start at $40.00 per page per update. Coding other than HTML will be charged at different rates based on the code utilized. Construction of on-line form pages begins at $150.00 per page; this may change depending on page complexity, and if available on your host server. Certain projects may be subject to special prices, call for a free quote.

Graphic Design

For graphic design work, the charges are $40.00 per hour, for catalogs, brochures, posters, business literature, and logo development, point of purchase displays, etc. Design work is performed in Adobe InDesign CS, Adobe Photoshop CS, and Adobe Illustrator CS.  Work can be output as a high-resolution print or burned to CD or DVD for $10.00 per burn.  Custom printing is available for catalogs, brochures, and posters, in any quantity, call for estimates.


$85.00 dollars per hour for studio photography, unless otherwise specified, and $180.00 per hour on location.  This includes high resolution digital formats.  All photography expenses (i.e., models, props, travel and lodging etc.) are not included in these costs.  Adobe Photoshop CS manipulation is $85.00 dollars per hour.  Prints are charged according to size and media as needed.  


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