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Point Pleasant, Ohio

Saturday, October 2, 2004

Micheall A. Reed Design Wins Four National Awards for Excellence in Web Site Design.

On October 2, The American Association of Webmasters (AAWM) awarded Micheall A. Reed Design the Gold Award for Excellence In Design and Content for his design of the Monroe Township Web site in Clermont County, Ohio <>. In addition, the AAWM presented Reed with three other awards: the Silver Award for the Village of New Richmond, Ohio <>; Bronze Award for Chaz Bridal and Consignment, Montgomery, Ohio <>; and Bronze Award for Micheall A. Reed Design, Point Pleasant, Ohio <>.

The Awards of The American Association Of Webmasters are among the most prestigious available and among some of the more difficult to win on the Web. The Gold Award itself represents the pinnacle of Web site design in the United States. Accordingly, only a small proportion of the applicants will eventually secure this coveted prize as they are awarded only to those webmasters who have excelled in all fields of the criteria.

Micheall A. Reed Design in Point in Pleasant, Ohio is a graphic and Web site design company specializing in Web design / Web mastering, all phases of advertising graphic design i.e. business logos, catalogs, brochures, sales literature and photography.

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